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Protecting Melbourne’s trees

Carlton Gardens [Source: Visual City] The Age reports that the City of Melbourne will undertake a program of urgent replacement and rehabilitation of trees over the next year. Due to prolonged drought conditions Melbourne will look overseas to countries with similar climates to provide robust tree species. With approximately 25,000 native and 25,000 exotic trees […]

Comment on Fitzroy Gardens Master Plan

Fitzroy Gardens

Fitzroy Gardens [Source: Visual City]

On the Victorian Heritage Register, the historical significance of the Fitzroy Gardens is described in part by the following passage:

“The Fitzroy Gardens are of historical significance as one of a ring of public reserves around Melbourne established in the nineteenth century to provide respite and relaxation for the city’s residents. The Fitzroy Gardens have been viewed as the flagship of this group of city gardens, which includes the Flagstaff, Treasury, Carlton and Alexandra Gardens and the Kings Domain…They are also a reminder of the city’s relatively large investment in public gardens, a reflection of 19th century beliefs about the moral and health benefits of green spaces in often dirty, smelly and overcrowded cities.”

As part of an ongoing process to ensure the gardens future, City of Melbourne has produced the Fitzroy Garden Master Plan Review Discussion Paper. The document was published following a 12 month review of the previous 1996 master plan. While the principles outlined in the former document remain relevant, the current paper identifies a number of new issues and opportunities facing the gardens. These focus on the management and security of water, climate change challenges, heritage obligations and improving infrastructure for the 3 million annual visitors.

The Council has organized a number of walks in Fitzroy Gardens on Thursday 6 May and Saturday 8 May to explain the proposals. Comments on the various options outlined in the discussion paper will be received up until Friday 21 May. Further details on how to participate in the walks or submit comments are available on the Shape Fitzroy Gardens future webpage.