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Improvements for Port Phillip beaches

Elwood beach in 2006

Elwood beach in 2006 [Source: The Age]

Elwood beach in 2010

Elwood beach in 2010 [Source: The Age]

The Age recently reported on the State Government’s announcement to invest $6 million in Victorian beaches including Portsea, Half Moon Bay and Elwood.

Environment Minister Gavin Jennings said erosion at Port Phillip beaches was due to natural patterns not dredging. “We see the tide as it shifts with seasons, the sand shifts with it. It’s almost like clockwork. In certain months the sand will move south; in the other part of the cycle it will move north,” he said.

$2.75 million will be invested in Elwood Beach to protect the foreshore from flooding and erosion by creating a storm-buffer. The project involves dumping 40,000 cubic metres of sand from East Gippsland quarries to widen the beach by 35 metres. The works will be effective for up to 25 years.