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Following our recent slowdown we have posted a number of quick links tracking news items from the last two weeks:

PARLIAMENT approves a 43,600 hectare expansion of the Urban Growth Boundary.

THE UGB EXPANSION is criticised for destroying Melbourne’s green-wedge land, established to protect “rural and agricultural uses, natural resources, landscape, heritage, open space, and conservation values”.

REVALUATION figures reveal that the federal government’s home owners boost, which sparked a boom in Victoria’s first home buyers market last year, contributed little to housing affordability.

REDEVELOPMENT of a Carlton estate fails to deliver the proposed public/private mix, resulting in two physically separated developments with a disproportionately high number of private units.

SMALL-TO-MEDIUM ENTERPRISES miss out as banks favour household lending.

INNER-CITY GOLF COURSES relocate to alternative locations after selling their existing sites to residential developers.

LABOR will provide $200 million in financial incentives to encourage construction of 15,000 new homes for regional cities, shifting money from an existing rental housing affordability scheme.


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