State of Design

Victoria’s design festival – State of Design, begins today with a 12 day programme of activities, talks and exhibitions. The festival theme ‘Change by Design’ was developed by Studio Binocular, this year’s creative partner. Events with a focus on the built environment include:

Friday 2 –Sunday 18 July
Exhibition offering multiple insights on how social sports are manifested in the city’s fabric.

Curating Desire: Designing Melbourne’s Retail Landscape
Thursday 22 July
Discussion about the changing shape of Melbourne’s retail landscape, including shop design, laneways, malls and shopping strips

Creating Sustainable Neighbourhoods
Friday 23 July
Forum exploring how behavioural change and precinct development interrelate to create sustainable communities.

Four Goals for Promoting Urban Cycling with Mikael Colville-Andersen
Saturday 24 July
Mikael Colville-Andersen, Denmark’s Bicycle Ambassador, will give a presentation explaining Copenhagen’s journey – then, now and into the future – towards establishing the bicycle as a feasible, acceptable form of transport.

Nine Star Energy Efficient Design in an Urban Environment
Sunday 25 July
Event providing both technical and practical information about designing and building sustainable energy efficient buildings.

The full programme of public events is available on the State of Design website.


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