Melbourne Airport turns 40

Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine

Melbourne Airport, Tullamarine [Source: The Collector’s Marvellous Melbourne]

Melbourne Airport, also known as Tullamarine Airport, turns 40 next Thursday. Rather than celebrating the occasion, two recent news items have focused on the continuing lack of a direct rail link to the airport.

Train derailed by buck-passing and vested interests details the history of decision making associated with accessing the airport. This has resulted in the continual widening of the Tullamarine Freeway which services airport buses, taxis and private cars, and a long-term surface car park stretching over two kilometres.

Doyle plea for rail link to airport focuses on an interview with lord mayor Robert Doyle in which he argues for a ‘duplicate grid’ within Melbourne’s infrastructure. The Tullamarine Freeway is given as an example in which large volumes of traffic are reliant on a single infrastructure connection. The obvious problem highlighted by Mr Doyle is the massive impact on traffic flows when an accident occurs. Building a ‘duplicate grid’, in this case a rail link, would provide an alternative means of travel between the airport and city centre.


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