Regional Victoria targeted for future growth strategy

A new $631 million blueprint for regional growth has been unveiled by the Victorian Government. Ready for Tomorrow: A Blueprint for Regional and Rural Victoria provides strategic investment to encourage economic growth, attract jobs, increase population and allow major new investment. The blueprint sets out five key strategies and establishes a new process for Regional Strategic Planning. The new planning framework will allow regional communities greater control in identifying and planning their development.

Reporting on the new policy The Age identifies population pressure within Melbourne as one of the key factors behind the government’s investment in regional areas:

“The regional blueprint is designed to reduce the threats to Melbourne’s ‘liveability’ caused by the city’s population boom, and to limit the prospects of a revolt against Labor in marginal regional seats at November’s state election.

Labor strategists fear Victoria’s population growth of nearly 2000 a week is causing a political backlash in Melbourne as the city struggles with extra demand on trains, trams, buses, roads and hospitals.”


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