New guidelines for Maribyrnong River

Maribyrnong River Valley Design Guidelines

Map indicating the seven sections of the Maribyrnong River, each with their own specific character. [Source: Department of Planning and Community Development ā€“ Maribyrnong River Valley Vision and Design Guidelines]

The Maribyrnong River Valley Design Guidelines are intended as an overarching framework to achieve planning consistency along the river valley. The main purpose of the guidelines is to protect open space and guide development along the river, as well as expand and link existing parkland, walking paths and cycling trails. The guidelines set out a vision for the river valley by defining seven different sections of the river, each with their own specific character:

  • Brimbank length: a natural river
  • Steele Creek length: a secluded river
  • Maribyrnong length: a suburban river
  • Racecourse length: river flats
  • Footscray length: an urban river
  • Footscray Wharf length: an urban river
  • Port length: a working river

A range of priority actions for further work, from the Organ Pipes National Park through to the river mouth, are identified including capital works, planning scheme amendments, enlarging the open space corridor, further detailed planning and community engagement.


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